About Us



Stigma Unstuck: A Mental Health Art Series at Tufts is a multi-event art and film series aimed at bringing greater awareness and understanding to mental health issues to facilitate shifts in attitudes that perpetuate stigma and discrimination in our community. Mental health and stress have been identified at Tufts and in surrounding communities as priority public health issues; this series hopes to start dialogue and spur action on collaborative opportunities to better address these issues working together. This initiative is inspired by the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival which promotes mental wellbeing and challenges preconceived perceptions around mental health topics through the use of music, theatre, and more.

By integrating the arts as a way to promote wellness, this collaborative project seeks to open up new levels of interaction to reduce stigma and challenge equity issues. Mental health continues to be an issue that is not well understood, is associated with stigma, represents health disparities and inequities across ages and genders, and has limited clinical resources to address the increasingly identified needs, particularly in young adults. Raising awareness of the reality of the impact of mental health issues through the creative work of individuals with lived experience, shifting perspectives, and provoking engaged dialogue, with opportunities for collaborative action would help make the Tufts community and surrounding neighborhoods more supportive, understanding, and less stigmatizing spaces.

 If you would like to support this initiative, by contributing funds to expand programming, email ch@tufts.edu for more information.